…Think ThrOOH! The BoX

Do U have the OOH!?

The ooh hub of oohub!

Oohub is the OOH! HUB.  Oohub aspires to be the hub of all that is ooh! in terms of innovative products and services based on user ratings of what is ooh! and Cooh! (as in cool). But not to mention Booh! (boo – as in thumbs down, it sux!)… Our categories will usually start with Nooh! (new) innovative inventions, products, and even services, and get rated either Cooh! or Booh!

We are not Amazon, and don’t want to be, so if you’re looking for average and normal things this isn’t the place to be.  This site will be dedicated to helping people find nooh! and cooh! inventions, places, and services.

The oohub slogan logo

NOOH! Innovative Products, Services, and Places to be featured here!

On our front page is where you’ll see the nooh! stuff.  From there (actually here) is where you’ll vote it booh! or cooh!

Think throoh with the ooh! Oohub! darlin!

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