Live AI videos in satire is now a thing, with many creators and artists using the technology to create hilarious and often thought-provoking content. These videos use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic-looking deepfake images of public figures, which are then manipulated to deliver satirical or comedic messages.

One of the most popular examples of this genre is the AI-generated version of comedian Bill Hader’s impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This video shows Hader morphing into Schwarzenegger seamlessly as he delivers his jokes, leaving audiences amazed at how realistic it looks. Similarly, other creators have used AI technology to create videos that poke fun at politicians such as Donald Trump and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

While live AI videos in satire can be hilariously entertaining, they also raise important questions about the ethical implications of using these technologies for entertainment purposes.  Check out our new page of such demonstrations!